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CITYTOUR - guiding visitors in small groups (= more personal) through the historical centre of Haarlem. During two hours I will tell you about the history of the town, show you the hot spots, monuments and tell you about the activities you can undertake. The tour is adaptable to your individual preferences. Citytour 2 hours : € 35,- (1-4 participants). English and Dutch. Weekends and evenings. Best regards Paul van Roode

  Windmill The Adriaan

De Adriaan was opened on 19 mei 1779 next to the river Het Spaarne. Builded on the foundation from the Goevrouwetoren (tower old citywall).
- Windmill The Adriaan

  Fortresses in the area

Fortresses are a part of the Corridor of Amsterdam. Unesco world heritage.
- Bunker IJmuiden WOII
- Fortress Uitgeest-Krommenie
- Fortress Island IJmuiden
- Fortresses Spaarndam

  Haarlem - history

Your guide : enthusiastic and Haarlem-minded
Information about the history of Haarlem.
- Haarlem - history

  Churches in Haarlem

The "Big" or Sint-Bavokerk is the largest church in Haarlem (Grote Markt). Building period 1370-1520), gotic style.
- Catholic St Bavo
- Groenmarkt church
- Grote of Sint Bavokerk

  Webcam Grote Markt
View at central square
- Webcam Grote Markt Haarlem

  Hofjes-historical communities
Het Hofje "van Bakenes" or "Bakenesser kamer" is the most ancient commity in Haarlem (Bakenesser Canal).
- Walking tour communities
- Ancient living communities
- Hofje van Bakenes

  Horeca - wine & dine

Nice places for going out: foto Jopenchurch (grand cafe).
- Jopenkerk grand-cafe
- Square Botermarkt

  VVV Haarlem
Office for toerism
- Office for Toerism

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